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Event Manager

  • Determine customer needs.
  • Functional and financial optimisation of the premises.
  • Optimisation of the budget and planning.
  • Drafting of specifications for service providers.
  • Production of plans and 3D visuals.
  • Preparation of legal administrative documents.
  • Participation in the choice of service providers and price negotiations.
  • Coordination and management of intervening service providers.
  • Steering and managing events.

Wether it is partial (Technical Management) or total (General Management), L'Agence ME offers you a tailor-made project management service.

Health & Safety Coordination

  • Drafting of the Health & Safety plan.
  • Preliminary visit of the Site.
  • Prevention plan / Regulatory information of the service providers.
  • Information meeting (at the arrival of the participants).
  • Safety work management (Event).
  • Reception / interface withe the DREETS (in case of control).
  • Duty of Care (Option).
  • Collection of  companies declarative informations (URSSAF, DPAE, CERFA declaration of foreign workers and pro RC).
  • Number of employees on-site consistency.

Security Manager

  • Project analysis + Draft Specifications.
  • Creation of development plans (ERP layout code).
  • Safety instructions + DPS estimate.
  • Administrative documents management (Security Committee).
  • Legal documents sending.
  • SDIS Validation.
  • Collection of the regulatory documents (PV fire, good assembly certificate).
  • Assembly follow-up + device modification (if necessary).
  • Project steering (ERP code validation).
  • Public gauge adjustment.
  • SSIAP Agents management + security (according to the specifications).
  • Interface with staff (First aid process).

Integrating Technical Element

We act as an intermediary between your service providers and your exhibitors for : 

  • Design, layout and costumisation of stands.
  • Creation of signage.
  • Rigg management (structures, sign, liting truss...).
  • Power supply management.
  • WIFI
  • Furniture supply.
  • Furniture water point and sinks.
  • Hostesses Management.

"Each formula is adjustable and/or cumulative"

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"Choose your level of intervention"

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